Condom Distribution

Condom Distribution

As part of our commitment to raising awareness about sexual health and HIV/STI prevention, and encouraging LGBTQ community members to practice safer sex, Mazzoni Center’s community engagement and outreach team distributes condoms free of charge in a variety of settings and contexts.

Free condoms are available at Washington West Project (1201 Locust Street) during walk-in hours, as well as by request through providers of any other Mazzoni Center service.

Our street outreach team is regularly found canvassing various Philadelphia neighborhoods, bars, clubs, and other venues, where they engage people in conversation about safer sex, HIV and STI risk, and give out safer sex kits and referral information to those who are interested.

Our outreach team also performs this service at special events and community festivals, including OutFest and Philadelphia Gay Pride.  

From time to time we receive requests from groups or individuals who are hosting special events and would like to offer condoms and/or safer sex kits to their guests and attendees.

To inquire about this service, or make a request for your event, contact Vince Du or call 215-563-0652 x 257.

Please understand that depending on supply, not all requests for condoms can be filled.