15th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference

June 9-11, 2016

Located at 129 N. Broad St Philadelphia PA 19107 

News & Updates

Abby Roh
Media, PA native Abby Roh lived in New York City for eight years before returning to the Philly area to pursue her graduate degree in mental health counseling. When the time came for Abby to pursue an internship, Mazzoni Center was a perfect match. “I’ve always had a real passion about...Read more
Shanin Gross, DO
Mazzoni Center is pleased to welcome Shanin Gross, DO, to our clinical team at our family and community medical practice at 809 Locust Street. Her official title will be Assistant Medical Director. In addition to providing direct care for...Read more
group photo 809 Locust Street
Mazzoni Center was thrilled to welcome PA Physician General Rachel Levine, MD , to our offices on Monday, August 1. Dr. Levine, accompanied by Special Assistant Sarah Newman Boateng, met with members of our management team to discuss the...Read more
Juan David Franco of our Prevention team was on hand to take some photos Tuesday, July 26 when a group of approximately 1,000 people turned up outside our medical practice at 809 Locust to demonstrate their love and support for the trans and...Read more
*This post was authored by Mazzoni Legal Intern Barri Friedland We reported last week on a...Read more