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Mazzoni Center is pleased to announce a week of special events celebrating the trans community leading up to International Transgender Day of Visibility on Saturday, March 31. The series of events is being planned and hosted by trans and non-binary Mazzoni Center staff and their allies, with executive support. 

What’s your role at Mazzoni Center and how long have you been in it?

I started working at Mazzoni Center in January 2017, when I was hired as Event and Volunteer Manager.  My focus is on maintaining and growing relationships with donors, event committees, and folks in the community who fundraise for Mazzoni Center independently. I also coordinate logistics and communications related to Mazzoni Center's fundraising events.

Out of all the jobs out there why one at Mazzoni Center?

I’ve been aware of Mazzoni Center

Mazzoni Center Introduces Series of Trans-Specific Workshops


Welcome to our new feature which highlights our employees and the great work they are doing both on and off the job. In our inaugural issue we talk to Eran Sargent who left Mazzoni Center in 2016 and recently returned.

Now that you’re back, what is your title and what is your role here at Mazzoni Center?

My title is Navigation Program Manager. In this role, I oversee two of our prevention programs, our navigation services (Club 1509) and our Linkage-to-Care program (ARTAS). These two programs are for HIV prevention. Linkage-to Care is for those Read more...


It’s a word that can have many meanings, but one particular interpretation is our favorite: “an act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.” 
An action can be something we do as individuals, or it can be something done by a larger institution, like Mississippi’s Religious Liberty Accommodations Act, which has the potential to further marginalize the LGBTQ community by masking discrimination with religious freedom. 

Last week, the Trump administration announced new regulations and the creation of a new office called the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division that will be responsible for handling complaints from health-care workers who do not want to perform medical procedures, such as an abortion or assisted death, because it violates their religious or moral beliefs. The rule and the office’s website focus on medical procedures that are not necessarily specific to people who are LGBTQ or to people living with Read more...