Youth Space is a schedule space for youth ages 12-18. Facilitated by Mazzoni Center staff, youth community members, and members of HAVEN Youth Group, Youth Space is a safe and fun space for teens to play games, learn skills, engage in dialogue, and engage in activites made specifically for them. Past activities include: Music Exploration, Know Your Rights, Guitar 101, Making a Space that Doesn’t Exist: Queer Theater as Empathy, Activism and Interrogation, Gender is a Construct-Let’s Rebuild It, Dance Party, Steven Universe Screening and Discussion, and Bring it Back to Read more...

2019 Kids Camp Registration is now open!

Kids Camp is a program of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference for children ages 5-11. Facilitated by teaching staff of My Bright Beginnings Preschool, Kids Camp is a safe and fun space for children to create, explore, and play while parents attend conference workshops. 

For full informatiopn and to register your child today see the link below:

Kids Camp Link

We are pleased to announce the 2019 the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference’s Cover Art Winner! The piece, “The Luminous Self” by Grace Schleisman, was selected over hundreds of other entries this year to be the cover art of the conference. 



The piece represents the nature of the theme this year, #TransJoy, and we are happy to be able to share this piece with the community. 

The Interdisciplinary Review Committee(IRC) is a committee comprised of TGNC and non-binary community members, and TGNC, and non-binary Mazzoni Center staff, with the task of review and select all workshops for the general track of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC).
The 2019 IRC is primarily comprised of people of color and ranges in age from 16 to 78 years old. They are:

General Registration for the 2019 Philadlephia Trans Welleness Conference is Now Open. The general attendance conference is free, which is why we suggest that you register in advance online. This allows easier and smoother access to the conference for everyone.


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Walk-In Registration 

Online Registration will close 5 days before the conference start date(July 25). If you do not register online in time, don't worry, you Read more...

Mazzoni Center is happy to announce the date and location of the 2019 LEAD. This year, our annual LEAD conference will be held on May 21 at Mastery Thomas, 927 Johnston St, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

The Brave Schools LEAD Conference is an annua conference held by LGBTQ student leaders to empower youth and staff from GSAs and schools across Philadelphia. The conference gives K-12 School staff, students and community partners the opportunity to build community, share resources and knowledge, and create safer middle and high school environments for LGBTQ youth. 

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