In our new series, we are asking Mazzoni Center staff and volunteers how they are working in the age of social distancing and how the communities that they serve are handling the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

"LGBTQ+ poulations are struggling with so many others whom are hurting during this time; as a therapist and clinical social worker, I'm finding ways to connect with my clients and those on our waiting lists through a series of coping and wellness videos with our education team, as well as collaborating with the Philly Gay News on content that can help our queer Read more...

Last Update: 6/1/2020

6/1: Due to current travel restrictions in Center City and to ensure the safety of our employees and patients, the following services will be canceled tomorrow, Monday June 1 until further notice:

  • In person appointments
  • Food bank pick ups
  • MazzoniGo appointments

All Telehealth and Virtual activities will continue to be seen.

Updates will be posted here when they come up.

5/4 Updates: Most groups are now continuing services. See below for details.

We are have made a

Unlike some other healthcare facilities, Mazzoni Center’s staff, patients and clients live in a shared community. This is a source of our strength. So, during this COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of our clients/patients also means we are taking care of our staff and each other. Our commitment to the health and safety of staff and volunteers and patients and clients is our highest priority.