Pulse nightclub Orlando

On June 12, 2016, Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida was hosting their weekly "Latin Night."  The venue was packed with patrons – gay and straight, young and older – from the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and elsewhere.  About 320 people were inside the club when at 2:02 a.m. a shooter entered the building and opened fire.  The ordeal went on for three hours before the gunman was brought down by police.

49 people were lost and 68 were injured others in the deadliest incident of violence against LGBTQ Read more...

Uncertainty is a feeling many of us have experienced in recent months.  It’s been a fixture in news headlines, driven by the political upheaval that has followed last November’s election. This kind of macro-level uncertainty can absolutely affect how we feel in our everyday lives.  And of course there are numerous personal examples - a job loss, a break-up, a move - where a sense of uncertainty about the future can create real anxiety that impacts our mental and physical health in a tangible way. 
You’ve probably heard the

Last January we spoke with therapist Lisa Richman*of Mazzoni's Open Door counseling program to get her advice on making – and sticking to – healthy New Year’s resolutions.  As an experienced therapist and facilitator of recovery support groups, Lisa had some great insights into the challenges involved when it comes to changing our behavior, and how to overcome those challenges. 

Her main advice was to take a thoughtful look at your life and try to identify any patterns that may be causing Read more...

Back by popular demand, it’s our 2016 Holiday Survival Guide!
Despite the joyful reputation – and no matter your age or station in life – we all know that the holiday season can be an anxious time.  
Every year the team at Mazzoni Center’s Open Door Counseling program puts together a thoughtful and comprehensive booklet we call our “Holiday Survival Guide,” filled with Read more...
Kirk Parsons Mazzoni Center
It can be a long road back from addiction. I know from experience.
The drug of choice can be alcohol, street or prescription drugs, or addictive gambling, spending, sex or eating. Although the faces of addiction are many, I believe there is one common thread: that all persons in recovery need the support of others. And often these others need to be intimately familiar with what it means to be addicted – enter the certified recovery specialist, or CRS.
CRS services are designed and delivered by people who have experienced
“Safe space” is a phrase that comes up frequently in our work — so frequently, in fact, that I had not stopped to fully and truly consider its meaning for a long time. Until last week.
In the LGBTQ community, we think of safe spaces as places like bars, clubs and community centers, where people gather to be themselves, to express themselves, to be affectionate with one another, to seek friendship, support and love. The idea is that a safe space allows you to do any or all these things fearlessly and without judgment.