Discrimination and Harassment

Discrimination and Harassment

Even with increased legal protections, many LGBTQ people still face persistent discrimination, harassment, and violence that harms their physical, mental, and financial health.  

Our Legal Services team advises and represents LGBTQ individuals on how to address discrimination, harassment, or other barriers because of their sexual orientation, their gender identity, or both.  We assist people seeking fair treatment in their workplace, in a restaurant, or when seeking health care.

We assist people who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender-expansive respond to insurance plans that deny coverage for medically necessary gender-affirming treatment, including hormones and surgery.
Our team will help you understand your rights to equal and respectful treatment under the constantly evolving array of federal, state, and local laws that protect LGBTQ people against discrimination. And we can help you choose among options for asserting those rights based on what best meets your circumstances. 


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