Family Law, Wills, and Powers of Attorney

Family Law, Wills, and Powers of Attorney

Whether you are a  couple looking to secure your child’s parental relationships and legal rights through a second-parent adoption, or you are estranged from your family of origin and need to formally designate who you’ve chosen  to inherit or make life-sustaining decisions for you, we’re here to help.

We advise LGBTQ people and families of LGBTQ children how to use the legal tools available to protect themselves and the people they love – including their children, partners and significant others, and other members of their families, whether of choice or origin.  

We advise and represent intended parents on protecting the family they are creating, including through adoption, and parental recognition, and custodial rights. We also assist people seeking legal finality of a relationship’s end through divorce or civil union dissolution. We also advise and represent individuals on wills, living wills, powers-of-attorney, and other advanced directives so that their wishes will be carried out, and not thwarted by legal presumptions assigning those decisions based on kinship alone. Because so many people rely on families of choice, advance planning is crucial to ensuring medical treatment, and memorial services that respect one’s identity and provide dignity, even when no longer able to state those wishes.


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