Name and Gender-Marker Changes

Name and Gender-Marker Changes

For many trans folks, a legal name change is a crucial step to affirm identity and to avoid being outed by an inaccurate ID; we can help navigate the process.

In addition to helping people who are transgender, nonbinary, intersex, or gender-expansive address discrimination and harassment, we provide information, advice, and assistance about the procedures for changing their legal name. And while Pennsylvania and many other jurisdictions will corrects gender designations on government issued identity documents without attorney involvement, we have obtained court orders that enabled people born in other states get their records corrected.

We advise and inform trans/GNC people on how address a variety of name-related legal issues. In addition to securing identity documents and records consistent with your identity, we help people who are, or are planning to, transition in the workplace or at school.

We also advise students and their parents in advocacy with their school to ensure a smoother social transition and a more supportive educational environment – with or without a legal name change – in collaboration with our Pediatric & Adolescent Comprehensive Transgender Services (PACTS) program.


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