Legal Services

Mazzoni Center’s legal services department, which was added to our continuum of care in 2010, is the only program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that specifically provides direct no-cost or low-cost legal assistance to low-income and lower-income, underserved LGBTQ populations. We also provide advice and representation to LGBTQ people on discrimination matters. We are also able to provide referrals to pro bono attorneys, other pro bono organizations, and private attorneys who are knowledgeable and sensitive to LGBTQ people and their legal needs. 

If you need assistance, contact our department at: legalservices or 215-563-0657.

Our team also provides information, education, and training to members of the public, the legal profession (including judges), employers, and service providers about the laws prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ adults and young people, and about best practices for complying with and advancing the goals of these evolving laws. By doing so, we work to reduce the discrimination and other barriers to employment or to participation in civic life so that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people can contribute fully to their workplace and their community, and obtain culturally competent and inclusive insurance coverage and healthcare, instead of facing bias, bigotry, and violence.