Final Week to Support the WoofWalk

Final Week to Support the WoofWalk

The WoofWalk ends Monday, June 27th, so you still have time to help our WoofWalkers reach their goal!

All money raised through the WoofWalk will benefit Mazzoni Center's HIV prevention and care services. Mazzoni Center is a leader in HIV services in the Philadelphia region. We provide prevention services such as HIV testing and access to PrEP, as well as linking those who test HIV positive to the care they need.

Proceeds from WoofWalk will also benefit Morris Animal Refuge to help provide care to dogs and cats in need of care until they are placed in a forever home.

Please choose one of the individuals or teams below to support:


Support The Literary Ones:

Support Team Subaru:

Support Team Morris Animal Refuge:


Donate to Chelle Inzerillo's Fundraiser:

Donate to Julie Verdugo's Fundraiser:

Donate to Ghost & Kait's Fundraiser:

Donate to Karen Minyety's Fundraiser:

Donate to Tim Green's Fundraiser:

Donate to Matt Hartwell's Fundraiser:

Donate to Sven Casey-McLoughlin's Fundraiser:

Donate to Suzanne W's Fundraiser:

Or, you can donate directly to the walk here.

Thank you for supporting the WoofWalk in any way that you can.