On-site Pharmacy

On-site Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy at Mazzoni Center is a full-service pharmacy, with a special expertise in HIV/AIDS. Staffed by knowledgeable pharmacists who understand your needs, they are ready to become a critical partner in your healthcare team. They are uniquely trained in the latest HIV/AIDS therapies, and are available for one-on-one medication consultations. They can help you stay on track with complex therapies and can provide guidance on helping you to take your medications as prescribed.

With a convenient location right next door to Mazzoni Center, Walgreens can quickly fill prescriptions to get you on your way and offers flexible options to refill your prescriptions for the fastest, most efficient service, while maximizing your privacy.

All of Walgreens stores are electronically linked, which means our pharmacists have immediate access to your patient profile, detailing your prescription history. So, you can still use your neighborhood Walgreens, even if a Walgreens Specialty Pharmacist is helping you. 

If you are a patient with health insurance, ask us about our 340B program, which lets your prescription drug purchases directly benefit Mazzoni Center, and allows us to provide medication at low or no-cost to the uninsured. 

Please Note: You have the right to select ANY pharmacy to provide the medications ordered by your Mazzoni Center or other healthcare provider.

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