Born out of an HIV testing initiative in 2017, OUR (On-hand Unique Resources) Way quickly morphed into a weekly drop-in program (OUR Space by OUR Way) intended to “meet trans individuals where they are” and helping trans individuals get the services, resources, and support they need. 

Our Space

OUR Space Page

OUR Space is a drop-in support space for everyone identifying along the transgender spectrum or questioning their gender identity. OUR Space offers a variety of medical, social, and emotional supports to members. While the program initially focused on reducing the HIV Incidence within trans communities, it has become a lightning rod for trans advocacy and engagement across the city.

Some regular activities and resources that take place during OUR Space:

  • Creative Writing 
  • Art Therapy
  • Movie Night
  • One on One Peer Support 
  • Clothing Closet (OUR Closet)
  • Advice Hour 
  • Health, Wellness, and Legal Referrals  
Hygiene Kits are available upon request. SEPTA Passes and snacks are provided.