Recovery Services (IOP/OP)

Recovery Services (IOP/OP)

We offer a LGBTQ+ focused high intensity recovery program for substance use. Our recovery services provide affirming, safe and respectful treatment opportunity promoting growth and self-discovery.

Our recovery program distinguishes itself from other treatment programs because it creates a holistic, comprehensive, affordable, and most importantly: safe treatment experience for LGBTQ+ people. We recognize a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for everyone. First and foremost, our approach is person-centered and affirming, recognizing that everyone’s path to recovery is different.

Acknowledging the mind-body connection, our specially trained staff utilizes principles of mindfulness and trauma-informed care to provide a meaningful recovery experience. In addition, program participants will have the support of a Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS)—a peer who has lived experience as an LGBTQ+ individual in recovery.

 Prior to admission to Mazzoni Center’s recovery program, individuals are assessed by a licensed clinician to develop individualized recovery plans.

We provide an integrated, holistic approach which includes the following services:

  • multi-faceted group therapy    
  • aftercare planning
  • individual therapy    
  • psychiatric services    
  • peer-based support     
  • family therapy    
  • relapse prevention    
  • medication assisted treatment
  • on-site pharmacy
  • referrals to other Mazzoni Center supportive services

Why Mazzoni Center?

Our 20 years of experience outpatient behavioral health care to LGBTQ+ adults, adolescents, couples and families, has given us a deep understanding of the specific needs of our community. This understanding led us to create a recovery program that focuses on the struggles unique to LGBTQ+ individuals.

Get Started

To get started with our program, fill out the Recovery Intake Form and our certified recovery specialist will contact you to see if our recovery program is right for you. Once you start the program, our team will work with you to create an individualized plan outlining your goals and structured schedule. You can also call 215-563-0652 x 215 to talk to a certified recovery specialist for more information.


We accept most major insurance plans, as well as Medicaid, and some Medicare plans. it is important to understand that all plans vary in coverage. As part of the intake process, we will determine your coverage and cost for treatment. If you are uninsured, We can help determine if you are eligible for special funding, such as Ryan White, to help cover costs. We offer a sliding scale to those who are uninsured and/or not eligible for other coverage. 

All Recovery Meeting

Mazzoni Center's All-Recovery meeting is open to LGBTQ+ individuals affected by substance use who are seeking additional support for substance related issues. This is a drop in meeting, facilitated by a certified recovery specialist. The meeting is an open format, topic based recovery meeting. Learn more about the meetings and schedule here.