HIV Care

HIV Care

For more than 40 years, we have remained at the forefront of HIV care, while providing high quality care in an atmosphere of dignity and compassion.

We have worked to improve the lives and health outcomes of those living with HIV since the early 1980s.

Being a Patient At Mazzoni Center Living With HIV

At Mazzoni Center, your HIV specialist is also your primary care provider. We are committed to caring for the whole person: helping you identify your individual health and wellness needs and access the specific care and resources that will be of greatest benefit.  We are able to easily refer patients to numerous resources right here at Mazzoni Center—ranging from mental health counseling and support groups to medical case management, an on-site pharmacy and more. Our online patient portal lets you communicate with your Mazzoni Center health care provider easily and at your convenience, safely and securely via your computer, tablet, or cell phone. 

NOTE: There is never a waitlist for those recently diagnosed or living with HIV.

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