EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy

New Patients Update

Thank you for your interest in Mazzoni Center's Behavioral Health services. At this time we are not able to accept new patients for Behavioral Health Services. If you remain interested in receiving Behavioral Health services with Mazzoni Center, please contact the Center in 90 days to see if we are able to accept new patients at that time.

Mazzoni Center is proud to offer EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

EMDR is a type of therapy that helps people recover from a traumatic event, even when certain images, thoughts, and emotions remain. Quite often, trauma causes the brain to store distressing memories in a way that feels very present. EMDR therapy helps the brain to re-process information, with the structured use of eye movements or bilateral stimulation, so that it no longer bears the intensity or level of distress it once had. 

How is EMDR different from talk therapy?

  • With EMDR, it is not necessary to talk in detail about the trauma, event, or experience.
  • EMDR is focused more on changing the emotional response associated with the trauma or target.
  • EMDR can sometimes access thoughts that are not accessed in talk therapy.
  • EMDR tends to produce changes more rapidly than talk therapy and is shorter-term than talk therapy.

What can I expect from EMDR?

  • It is important to determine if EMDR is the right approach for you.
  • An EMDR-trained therapist will provide an assessment and information about EMDR, discussing potential risks and benefits of EMDR.
  • A Treatment Plan is developed in which you collaborate on the goals you wish to accomplish with EMDR.
  • Certain emotions and sensations may develop through EMDR processing. Your therapist will prepare you to safely manage and cope with processing.

How long does EMDR therapy last?

  • Everyone is different and much depends on your individual circumstances; however, many people report feeling better within a few sessions.
  • Our model of EMDR is short-term, lasting between 6-8 sessions.
  • If you desire additional support after EMDR, our team will provide resources.

What is the cost of EMDR therapy?

  • We believe that EMDR therapy should be accessible to everyone, especially to people who have experienced identity-related traumas.
  • EMDR costs the same as talk therapy at Mazzoni Center.
  • We are committed to making therapy services affordable. For more information on our sliding fee scale discount program, and for information on insurance accepted.