Legal Services Internships

Legal Services Internships

Our law student internships provide invaluable experience on the front lines of the LGBTQ rights movement, and insight into how the legal system can be used to address particular needs of LGBTQ community members. 

Our Legal Services program offers a limited number of internship opportunities to law students each summer and in the Fall and Spring Academic Terms each year. Interns are critical to our legal services program’s ability to manage the volume of requests for our assistance, and to handle the cases that comprise our caseload. 

Under the supervision of our Staff Attorney and Legal and Public Policy Director, our interns communicate directly with callers and clients, analyze and identify legal issues, apply existing laws to unique situations, and help us devise creative solutions when the law is silent. Interns also help prepare pleadings, wills, and other legal documents. 

Our interns interview prospective clients about their circumstances, research the relevant law, and help us evaluate whether and how we can address their legal needs. Interns also conduct legal research and draft documents addressing frequently asked questions, assist in case preparation, and help draft develop community education materials. 

Because our legal services team also works to identify and advocate for policies that can improve the lives of LGBTQ individuals, our law student interns often have opportunities to research new or proposed policy initiatives and the effectiveness of current policies. 

We encourage applications from all interested persons, especially people with diverse backgrounds and experiences based on age, race, ethnicity, cultural identity, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual identity, disabilities, socioeconomics, and proficiency in languages other than English. 


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until positions are filled, but priority consideration is given to those who apply by:

Summer Term Internship: January 31
Fall Term Internship: March 31
Spring Term Internship: November 15


Please send a cover letter and resume to our Legal Services Office Administrator, Safiy Lee (He/Him) at [email protected]

NOTE: Our internships are unpaid. However, we can support or sponsor you in your pursuit of targeted funding opportunities or stipends to support your ability to intern or volunteer with our legal services team.

In addition to law student interns, we also welcome volunteer support from other interested students, paralegals, and attorneys.