Let’s Acknowledge Something of Which We Are All Aware

Let’s Acknowledge Something of Which We Are All Aware

Many of the services that Mazzoni Center provides, from gender-affirming care to community education, are no longer legal in every state in this country. Each day we read of new attacks on the rights of our LGBTQ community.

For many of the 25,000 clients that visit us each year, whether for primary medical care, HIV and STI testing, gender affirming care, behavioral health services, case management, legal support, housing counseling, and our food bank (and very often for multiple services), Mazzoni Center is the only space they feel safe and affirmed receiving care.

If any other health care facility in Philadelphia were to close, be it a hospital or a community health clinic, it would be a terrible thing.

Many of our clients would have nowhere to go in which they felt respected and accepted. Many of our clients would simply go unserved.

In a city built on the values of representation, independence, and the pursuit of happiness, Mazzoni Center is a perfect reflection of the spirit of Philadelphia.

But our ability to sustain our services relies on the support of you, our community, those who understand the vital nature of who we are and what we do.

Our core value of never turning away any needing client for lack of financial resources results in our giving away over $1 million in services each year to those who are uninsured or underinsured. That’s who we are.

As we come to the end of Pride Month, we are proud of our services, our staff, our accomplishments, and our community. And, as we look around the country, we understand that the life-changing and life-saving work that we do is under fire from those who are ignorant, intolerant, or find opportunity to score cheap political points at the expense of a vulnerable population.

If you believe in what we do, if you understand its importance, if it’s changed your life or the life of a loved one, or if the existence of a singular organization such as Mazzoni Center simply makes you proud to be a Philadelphian, we would appreciate your support.

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