Looking Back, We Just Want to Say Thank You

Looking Back, We Just Want to Say Thank You

Dear Friends,

For some, these weeks are a time of celebration and joy.  For others, they are a time of need and yearning. For many, they are both.

As we enter the final days of 2023, we want to say “thank you” in celebration of all you helped us accomplish in the past year. Together we have changed and saved lives. We successfully launched Mazzoni Center’s new Health Equity Fund to support those who cannot afford thecost of care (and which you can contribute to here). We welcomed new staff and are introducing new services, from EMDR for trauma patients to high-resolution anoscopy to detect and abate cancer. And we held an inaugural Mazzoni Center Honors benefit that won’t soon be forgotten.

We did all of that to continue Mazzoni Center 40-plus year commitment to provide comprehensive, affirming, wraparound health and wellness services to our greater Philadelphia LGBTQ+ community.  For those in our community who might find yourself in need over this holiday season, please know we continue to be here for you. 

If you or someone you know is navigating the complexities of family dynamics or feeling the weight of  isolation, reach out to them - your words and actions can make a significant impact. And if you are a client or patient of Mazzoni Center needing support, reach out to us

As a community, let's stand united and look out for each other. The bonds we create within our LGBTQ+ family are a testament to the resilience and love that define us. For those in need of extra emotional support, the Trevor Project has 24/7 staff available for LGBTQ+ youth, and the 988 Lifeline has specialists in LGBTQ+ issues.

Wishing you a beautiful, resilient, and joyous holiday season,

Your Friends at Mazzoni Center