Mazzoni Center Partners with IBX on Nurse Internship Program

This summer, Mazzoni Center partnered with the Independence Blue Cross Foundation as part of its Nurse Internship Program. Under the program, student nurse interns are assigned to area nonprofit community health centers such as Mazzoni Center, to gain practical clinical experience.  “Our Nursing Internship Program provides an immersive experience to our nurse interns. It prepares them to provide care and become the next generation of leaders,” said Lorena Marshall-Blake, President, Independence Blue Cross Foundation, and Vice President, Community Affairs, Independence Blue Cross. 
Over the course of ten weeks, nursing student Tom Quinn, shadowed Mazzoni Center clinical nurses, Ryan Liberty and Sasha Golden. At the close of the program, IBC hosted a recognition event where nurse interns presented research poster projects and shared  their experiences in the program. Tom’s research project, “Why Pronouns Matter” came about his very first day on the job at Mazzoni Center. “I was in the exam room and during introductions, the provider stated their preferred pronouns and asked the patient for theirs.  It was a small but very impactful gesture.”