Gender Affirming Services

Gender Affirming Services

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Our Gender Affirming Services program is patient-centered and offers treatments and interventions within a harm reduction and informed consent model. We utilize collaboration between the patient and medical provider in healthcare decision-making and support patients in understanding their treatment options. This includes assessing knowledge and providing education around the risks and benefits of hormone therapy and other gender-affirming medical interventions.

We offer comprehensive primary and preventive care specifically for transgender, gender non-binary and gender expansive individuals. Our medical services include:

Bringing together a team from different disciplines across Mazzoni Center, we take a holistic approach to care that includes services to support physical, mental and emotional health. This includes access to Peer Support groups, access to our legal services team for assistance with legal name and gender marker changes, licensed social workers to support and help you navigate services, referrals to trans-affirmative providers and community resources, and our PACTS program (Pediatric & Adolescent Comprehensive Transgender Services), a community-based program for trans and gender expansive youth and their families.

To learn more about accessing gender affirming services, email [email protected]