Trans clinical care services

Mazzoni Center is one of a handful of health care providers in the U.S. that offers comprehensive care and services specifically for transgender individuals.  Since 2000 we have provided primary care to 2,600 transgender clients in our medical practice.
We are committed to respecting the identity of each person who comes to us, and providing quality, compassionate care through a holistic approach that includes services to support physical, mental and emotional health.  From a patient’s very first contact with our intake team, our goal is to make them feel welcomed and safe. 
Our medical services for trans individuals include:
Our Behavioral Health Department offers weekly drop-in support groups specifically for trans-identified individuals, a group dedicated to partners, family and friends of trans people,  as well as individual, couples and family therapy.  
Mazzoni Center Legal Services has extensive experience in working with trans clients, and can offer expert assistance on issues ranging from legal name change to health insurance challenges to employment discrimination.  
Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference draws more than 10,000 people to the Pennsylvania Convention Center for three full days of workshops and activities dedicated to the health and wellness needs of trans individuals.  In addition to the general conference, we present a separate, professional track aimed at medical, legal, education and social service providers, to explore the latest developments in their fields and advance the cultural competence of providers working with trans people of all ages.  
To learn more about becoming a patient at Mazzoni Center, please contact [email protected]
*Note: we use “trans” to refer to anyone identifying along the transgender spectrum, including those who choose not to medically transition, or who may identify outside of the gender binary.

Meet our team

Becky Altman Mazzoni Center LGBT health and well-being Philadelphia
Nurse Practitioner
Trans Care Specialist
Dane Menkin, CRNP Mazzoni Center
Clinical Operations Director
Lisa Phillips - Trans Wellness Project Coordinator
Trans Care Specialist
Trans Care Specialist