My Journey With Illegal Silicone Injections

A transwoman of color presents her story and discusses the journey she has gone through with the effects of black market silicone. She will discuss how she made the decision to get it done and the detrimental effects she has suffered, both short and long term. She will also talk about the procedures that she has had to remove the silicone and correct the problems she has had.

Intended audience(s)

This workshop is for anyone who wants to be informed about black market silicone injections and what kind of affects they can have on an individual.

About the presenters

Kendall Stephens

Kendall Stephens is a transwoman of color who has been living and working in the Philadelphia community throughout most of her life. She is currently the co-facilitator of Transway and serves on the Community Advisory Board for trans health for the Mazzoni Center