Welcome Mazzoni Center's President and Executive Officer

Welcome Mazzoni Center's President and Executive Officer

After nearly three years, we have exciting news to share about Mazzoni Center's leadership. Moments ago, the Board of Directors announced a unanimous decision to appoint Sultan Shakir as the President and Executive Officer. Sultan will be joining Mazzoni Center on January 10, 2022. Sultan's innovative approaches, organizational leadership, and intersectional lens in fostering inclusive spaces make him extraordinarily qualified to lead our organization into the future. I invite you to learn more about our next dynamic President and Executive Officer.

I also want to take a moment to recognize the outgoing Interim Leadership Team, Dr. Nancy Brisbon and Alecia Manley, as they will transition to the Executive Leadership Team in advising our new organizational leader. Nancy will continue as the Executive Medical Officer, while Alecia will continue as the Executive Operating Officer. The Interim Leadership Team's contributions have heavily contributed to Mazzoni Center's ongoing mission of creating a restorative space while providing essential LGBTQ+ services.

Lastly, on behalf of the Search Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors, I want to express my gratitude to all individuals participating in this search process. This entailed completion of stakeholder surveys, interviews, and candidate presentations. Your presence throughout this process showed dedication and passion for Mazzoni Center, leading to selecting an explementary leader.

I am confident you will join me in welcoming Sultan to our organization as he leads Mazzoni Center into a new journey.


Nu’Rodney Prad

Mazzoni Center Board of Directors, President