Brave Schools


The Brave Schools Program supports LGBTQ youth, school staff, and their allies in creating safe and inclusive school environments, avenues for youth-driven advocacy and policy change, and platforms to share resources and explore intersectional identity, in order to promote long term health and wellness in LGBTQ communities.

Program History

Formerly Ally Safe Schools, Brave Schools was renamed in 2018 to promote a more active commitment to the acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQ youth. Housed in the Education Department at Mazzoni Center, the Ally Safe Schools program was established in 1993 from an invitation to collaborate with Philadelphia’s School District. While the goals remain the same, the Ally Safe Schools Program was renamed “Brave Schools” to better reflect our vision of empowered youth.

The name Brave Schools speaks to our commitment to giving youth the tools they need to be brave in every space they enter. No space is a guaranteed “safe space” for every person that enters. Microaggressions, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, and other forms of structural oppression may happen in any space and we cannot always control that. What we can control is our ability to be brave and courageous and speak up when we see people treating others poorly. Brave schools committed to connecting youth to helpful resources and giving them the agency they may need to create their own resources. Our youth are not the future, they are the now. We are here to be a support system for students who want to make their voices heard.

Professional Development for Teachers/Admin/Staff

Brave Schools also provides professional development for teachers, administrators, and school staff on LGBTQ competency. 

To request more information, please contact the Professional Development Team at

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