Breaking: Mazzoni Staff make decision to Unionize


Philadelphia, PA – SEIU filed a petition for an election with the National Labor Relations Board to determine whether a set of non-management staff members want the SEIU to be its collective bargaining representative. Today, a majority of eligible members of Mazzoni’s staff voted for a union to represent them.

Mazzoni Center’s management pledges to continue working to make Mazzoni Center the best workplace it can be.  That includes negotiating in good faith with the union in an attempt to find agreement and common ground and continue building a workplace that is supportive of staff as well as patients and clients. In fact, since his appointment nine weeks ago, Interim CEO Steve Glassman and the senior management have been initiating studies in the areas of employee benefits, compensation, and equity, all with a particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion efforts. Steve and the leadership team, working with the SEIU, will continue to promote a workplace of equity and competitive benefits and compensation.

Before and during the election process – and for more than 38 years – Mazzoni’s staff, management, and community volunteers have continually worked together to provide exceptional care to all of our patients and clients.  Our commitment to delivering the highest quality of care and services to all is resolute and forms the foundation of what we do together for the benefit of more than 35,000 patients and clients annually.