Call for Proposals Continuing Education | PTWC

Call for Proposals Continuing Education | PTWC

Submit a proposal for PTWC’s Continuing Education Track here:

Continuing Education Track Proposal Submission Form

The mission of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC) is to provide lifesaving access to education, resources, and community for trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people and to ensure the conversation surrounding trans health and wellness is led by the trans community. We believe that the trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive communities must be centered in the work we do at PTWC. We strongly encourage proposals from people with these identities along with those who are members of other marginalized communities.  

The conference’s Continuing Education Track serves as a space for professionals, providers, students, and other attendees who serve the trans community to receive continuing education credits. Accordingly, PTWC charges fees for attendee registration in the CE Track depending on the type of credits you are seeking, if any. All workshops must be accredited for a credit type. The content of the Continuing Education Tracks is selected by three profession-specific Continuing Education Review Committees (CERCs): one for the Legal Track, one for the Medical Track, and one for the Behavioral Health Track. The CERCs are made up of volunteer professionals from a variety of specializations within the given fields.

All presenters will be offered an honorarium for presenting at PTWC. While PTWC is welcome to cisgender allies, it intentionally is a space that centers and serves trans people, and we ask all cisgender attendees and potential presenters to honor that at all times during your participation in the conference. PTWC embraces a wide and intersectional view of what defines trans wellness as a system of overlapping and ever-expansive topics pertaining to all aspects of trans life. We encourage submissions focused on nearly all topics. Some common topics covered by the Legal Track include employment law, public benefits, and name changes. Some common topics covered by the Medical Track include fertility, gender-affirming surgery, and hormone replacement therapy. Some common topics covered by the Behavioral Health Track include mental health, interpersonal violence, and relationships. These topics will always be core to PTWC. Proposal submissions should contain current best practices, up-to-date language, and relevant methodology.

We always want to ensure that the workshops being presented at PTWC truly serve and center the trans community as their first objective. We discourage proposals which enforce the gender binary, pathologize trans people, center cisgender experiences, utilize outdated content and language, or are designed to sell a product or book. Presenters may be asked to disclose if they have any financial relationships with any entity producing, marketing, reselling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by or used on patients.

Proposal Deliverables

To ensure that your proposal receives a full and rigorous review by the CERC, please review the following list of materials and information required for consideration. Proposals submitted without these completed materials will not be accepted by the CERC. Be sure to review the entire list of required materials before beginning your submission as some tracks have additional components.

All Tracks

  1.  Presenter Contact and Voluntary Disclosure of Demographic Information: Please include the following information for each person who you foresee presenting the workshop, including yourself with no more than two total presenters: Name, pronouns, address, email address, phone number, organization and professional title (if applicable), résumé, brief biography, and any affiliated website or social media account (if applicable). PTWC also encourages all presenters to voluntarily disclose their demographic information if they feel comfortable doing so, including each presenter's age, gender identity, sexual orientation, and race. This information will not be shared with any third parties and will not determine workshop selection.
  2.  Why do you want to present at PTWC? An open-ended question for you to provide any other information that you wish, such as what makes you a good fit to present at PTWC? Have you presented at PTWC in the past?
  3.  Workshop Title
  4.  Workshop Description: Please provide a summary to give the committee a strong sense of the workshop’s content. This description may be used for promotional materials and program books.
  5.  Workshop Outline: Please provide a breakdown of how the time will be used throughout the workshop that provides as much information about the presentation flow and audience experience as possible. We recommend outlining the workshop in increments of 10-15 minutes and allotting time for questions at the end of the workshop. All Continuing Education Track workshops will occur in time slots lasting one hour.
  6.  Target Audience: Who is this for? Does your proposed workshop reference a professional specialization or area of practice? The more specific you can be, the easier it is for the selection committee to balance the conference’s overall content. If this workshop is intended to be restricted to attendees who share a particular identity or experience, please indicate it here.
  7.  Which Continuing Education Track is your proposed workshop for? (Legal, Medical, or Behavioral Health)

Behavioral Health Track

  1. Three Learning Objectives: What do you want attendees to learn or accomplish during this workshop.

Medical Track

  1.  What are the challenges or issues you want your proposed workshop to address?
  2. Why do you think these challenges exist?
  3. What are the desired outcomes of your workshop? What do you want learners to do differently or better as a result of participating in your proposed workshop.

Legal Track

  1. Three Learning Objectives: What do you want attendees to learn or accomplish during this workshop? 
  2. Will your proposed workshop offer a substantive credit or an ethics credit?
  3. What type of law does your proposed workshop fall under? Examples are constitutional law, employment law, health law, DEI law, etc. 
  4. What degree of difficulty is your proposed workshop? Options are basic, intermediate, advanced, or varying.

Submit a proposal for PTWC’s Continuing Education Track here:

Continuing Education Track Proposal Submission Form

The deadline to submit a proposal is Monday, June 10, 2024. Selected presenters will be notified in July.

If you would like your proposal to be accredited for more than one Continuing Education Track, please resubmit the form for each track you would like your proposal to be accredited for and specify which track each submission is for in question 9.