Community Guidelines | PTWC

Community Guidelines | PTWC

The Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC) strives to be a safe space for trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people to gather, share information, and connect with other community members. Like any event open to the public, we cannot guarantee a space entirely free of transphobia or other types of discrimination, but we can commit to interrupting or addressing it appropriately if and when it occurs. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated at PTWC, and all participants and attendees are expected to adhere to the following community guidelines.

1. The PTWC is an anti-oppression space. The following prejudices, biases, and oppressive behaviors will not be tolerated: transphobia, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, sexism, ableism, ageism, fatphobia, antisemitism, and islamophobia.

2. Show respect for everyone. Recognize that everyone's individual journey and experience is different.

3. We encourage everybody to place their pronouns on their name tags and in their names on virtual programs. We ask all PTWC participants to take note of someone’s pronouns before referring to them. If someone’s pronouns are not posted, use the name they provide unless instructed otherwise. If you make a mistake, hold yourself accountable by apologizing, correcting yourself, and moving on.

4. If you are attending as an ally, we ask that you engage in all programming in a way that center trans voices and experiences. We welcome you to come and learn from the expertise of the trans community. Disruptive and transphobic conduct will result in your removal from workshop sessions and possibly the rest of the conference. Reflect on your biases and privileges before engaging. When you contribute, be aware of the space you take up.

5. PTWC welcomes a wide variety of similar and differing concepts, modalities, embodiments, and language for gender. We ask all PTWC participants to engage with respect and curiosity when differences are expressed or felt. If you feel uncomfortable about something that was said, we encourage you to reflect on that discomfort. If you feel something that was said was harmful to you or others, we encourage you to share your concerns with a member of the Mazzoni Center team.

6 . Participants and attendees of any/all kinds are strictly prohibited from recording or screenshotting attendee information and workshop content to share with non-attendees. We greatly appreciate support for the conference on social media and in the press, but we ask that you please respect the privacy of everyone in attendance, including presenters. If you are found to be engaging in these types of activities, you will be removed from the conference.

7. The chat feature in virtual sessions is not free marketing space. We ask that participants do not spam chats with their company’s information, advertisements for products, etc. If you are responding to a specific request from another participant for information, we welcome you to share. Similarly, do not use session chats to distribute surveys for a paper, journal, article, research project, or thesis. If you have something that you would like to distribute, please send it directly to [email protected] and we will evaluate the request and share it on PTWC channels if appropriate.