Safety and Accessibility Guide | PTWC

Safety and Accessibility Guide | PTWC

The Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC) is committed to being a safe and accessible space for all participants. Temple University’s Howard Gittis Student Center is 100% ADA accessible with interior elevators available in place of stairs.

First Aid & Emergency Services

PTWC will have designated spaces for emergency medical services and mental health crisis resources available to all participants. A low-sensory space will also be available for all participants looking for a quiet or sensory comfort area. Avoid wearing or carrying flashing lights as they can trigger seizures or other conditions. Avoid wearing scents and fragrances as a courtesy for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, and asthma.


Face masks will be available to conference participants for free. For more information on COVID, please visit our COVID Guideline page.

Service Animals

Participants with service animals are responsible for complying with leash laws, properly disposing of all waste, ensuring that proper vaccinations are current, and maintaining the cleanliness and health of the animal. For more information on Temple University’s Service Animal policy, please visit Temple's Disability Resource Page. When you encounter someone using a service animal, do not pet, offer food to, or interact with the animal. If you need to bring a service animal to PTWC, please contact [email protected].


When registering for the conference, please indicate if you would like to request an ASL interpreter, program book in braille, or program book in large print.


All-gender restrooms will be available at PTWC. These restrooms may be used by anyone regardless of their gender identity or expression.


Please do not take photographs of other participants without their permission. Designated spaces for taking pictures will be available and marked accordingly. No photography, video recording, or audio recording is allowed in any conference workshops.

Protest Response

PTWC and Temple University are prepared to properly respond with the necessary protocol if protestors demonstrate outside the conference. Temple University Police and Allied Universal security will be available to maintain safety, secure the conference space, and remove anyone creating disruptions or disturbances from the event. We strongly encourage participants not to interact with any potential protesters. Remember that you do not need to talk to, answer questions from, or take literature from protesters. Some people find that they feel most comfortable if they look straight ahead, avoid eye contact, and walk quickly and confidently away from protesters. If it is absolutely necessary to interact with protesters, do not use threats, abusive language, or physical force. Do not touch anyone. If you are uncomfortable entering or exiting the venue, please ask a staff member to escort you. If you have any safety concerns at PTWC, please notify a volunteer or staff member immediately. For alternatives to calling the police, please visit here.


If you experience or observe discriminatory behavior from another participant, please document all details and notify a PTWC volunteer or staff member immediately or contact [email protected].

For any other accommodation requests, please contact [email protected].