President's Page

Welcome to our President’s page. Check back here frequently for news and updates on what Sultan has been doing.

Documenting Our History: PTWC

I wanted to share with you a new page honoring the history of those that came together to develop the conference back in 2001. This page, as it states, is a work in progress as we gather more information about the individuals, Charlene Arcila, Ben Singer, and June Dizon, who help put togther the first conference. For now, learn more about Charlene Arcila.

Statement From President & Executive Officer Regarding Mazzoni Center Patient, Client, and Staff Safety

In my recent listening sessions as President and Executive Officer, many of you expressed feelings that the 2017 allegations against Mazzoni Center’s former Medical Director feel unresolved. I would like to take this opportunity to address that past more directly and talk about the work Mazzoni Center has done and will continue to do to ensure that our patients and clients receive the best care in a safe, healthy, and secure environment when they come through our doors.

This commitment of safety also extends to our staff. I would also like to affirm that our first priority among all of our responsibilities is to preserve the safety of the patients and clients who entrust us with their care, and those who provide care.

Community Listening Tour

Mazzoni Center announced its new President and Executive Officer will begin a listening tour to connect with a diverse group of community members in an effort to hear about the community’s needs, concerns, and interests. Full details can be found here.

Tour Schedule (As of 4/4/2022):

  • Sunday, March 20 12:30pm-3pm: Next Level Revival Church
  • Tuesday, March 29 10:30am-12:30 pm: William Way’s Tuesday Mornings Out Group
  • Wednesday, March 30 6pm-8pm: John C. Anderson Apartments Community Room:  Trans community listening session
  • Friday, April 1  Noon-2pm: John C. Anderson Apartments Community Room: John C. Anderson Apartments residents
  • Wednesday, April 6, 3:30pm-5:30pm: Elder Initiative (Virtual)
  • Tuesday, April 12 4pm-9pm: 711 Event Space: Kiki and Ballroom community
  • Monday, April 18 6pm-8pm: galaei: North Philadelphia and Kensington community
  • Tuesday, April 19 5:30pm-7:30pm:  Elder Initiative (Virtual)
  • Thursday, April 28 1pm-3pm: Mazzoni Center: Care Services Community Advisory Board consisting of current and former patients

Tour dates scheduled to change. Future sessions to be added.

Meet Sultan

Shakir comes to Mazzoni Center from SMYAL, an organization dedicated to the well-being, support, and empowerment of LGBTQ youth.