Legal issues faced by transgender adults, adolescents, and children

In addition to helping transgender people address discrimination and harassment, many people who are transgender face additional legal or social challenges, whether it’s in securing identity documents and records consistent with their identity, or transitioning in the workplace or at school, or in obtaining health care or insurance coverage for necessary medical or other treatment. We provide advice and provide information to address these and other legal needs.

For example, we provide information, advice, and assistance to people who are in with the processes for changing a legal name and with correcting gender designations on government issued identity documents.

Our staff is also involved with Mazzoni's Pediatric & Adolescent Comprehensive Transgender Services (P.A.C.T.S.) program, and we assist students and their parents seeking to work with their school to ensure a smoother social transition and a more supportive educational environment. 

We also assist people who are transgender facing denials of insurance coverage for transition-related medical treatment, including hormones and surgeries deemed medically necessary by their treatment providers. 

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