Kai Mondloch

Medical Case Manager

Kai Dorothy Mondloch holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Temple University.  Her experience as a transgender woman working with LGBTQ+ communities began as a volunteer on the successful grassroots campaign to pass same-sex marriage in her home state of Minnesota.  She was an organizer on New Jersey’s gay marriage campaign before moving to Philadelphia to facilitate direct citizen advocacy to their Members of Congress in favor of legislation prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Her personal and professional values include eliminating stigma and judgment around physical and mental illness, practicing harm reduction and trauma-informed care, challenging structural oppression, and respecting the self-determination and self-definition each person is entitled to.  She is unafraid to admit when she does not know something as she is always excited to learn from people and their experiences.

She volunteered for many years as a camp counselor for kids with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis after attending the camp in her youth, she has a cat named Diana that she taught to play fetch, and as a Philadelphia transplant she has been delighted to learn that a Texas Tommy is a hot dog with crispy bacon and cheese wiz, as well as a delicious Pottstown invention.