Ten exercises for a more masculine voice

Are you experiencing voice problems, such as elevated pitch, hoarseness, difficulty being loud or expressive, or something else you can't quite define? This hands-on workshop takes you through ten exercises that address relaxation, resonance, intonation, pitch, loudness, and breath control. They are designed to increase your understanding of some masculine voice techniques and develop good vocal habits for a natural and healthy vocal presentation that is authentic to you. They can be done as a daily vocal warm up and/or as a reset to troubleshoot tricky vocal moments. With or without HRT.

Intended audience(s)

Anyone who is interested in increasing their masculine presentation.

About the presenters

Christie Block

Christie Block, MA, MS, CCC-SLP is a licensed and board-certified speech-language pathologist and owner of New York Speech & Voice Lab in New York City. She has over 25 years of experience as a communication specialist with a specialty in voice disorders and transgender voice and communication training. Ms. Block has been integral in the development of the field of transgender voice as a contributing writer and internationally-active speaker who provides direct service to transgender speakers, educates trans health providers, and trains voice clinicians.