coronavirus information

coronavirus information

March 27, 2020

(3/27) LATEST Service UPDATES Click HERE

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(3/26) An update from the Interim Leadership Team on short-term plan to reopen most critical services here

(3/24) An update from Nancy Brisbon, MD, Chief Medical Officer here

(3/20) Read a message from Mazzoni Center's Chief Medical Officer Nancy Brisbon, MD here

Who is at risk for coronavirus?

The virus is spread by very close contact with someone who is infected, especially from their coughs or sneezes. Most people appear to have mild symptoms but individuals over age 65 and those with certain medical conditions such heart, lung or kidney disease are at greater risk of becoming sick.
Most people do not need to go to a doctor for minor flu-like illnesses and the symptoms can be treated with common over-the-counter flu and cold medications.

I am living with HIV. What should I know?

Patients with well controlled HIV do not appear to be at greater risk than the general public for becoming ill with coronavirus, if exposed. 
We will be providing regular updates as we learn more, or as the situation changes. In the meantime, for more information about effective precautions and updates, please visit the CDC’s website

Health Center Patients 

We are currently seeing pre-screened patients Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please do not walk into the facility without talking to your provider first.  See pre-screening here.

Have an urgent medical need?
Contact our On Call Service at 570-820-9038 and identify yourself as a Mazzoni Center patient. 
Need a prescription refill?
Just contact your pharmacy and have them send us a refill request. 
Have a questions for your provider?
Please contact us via our patient portal. 

Behavioral Health Patients 

Teletherapy service will begin Monday, 3/23 for all current Mazzoni Center therapy patients.
Feeling overwhelmed?
Visit the link below to learn ways to cope:

HIV testing & STI screenings

Washington West Project 
The facility will remain closed.  If you are seeking urgent sexual health services, please click here for the nearest testing clinic.


Guidance for COVID-19 and Persons with HIV

Philadelphia Essential Services 

City COVID-19 Information

Youth Public Service Dashboard

If you are not a patient but may be experiencing symptoms, Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Helpline: Call the 24/7 helpline to speak with a health care professional. 1-800-722-7112
We will provide regular updates as the situation changes.
March 18, 2020
On Sunday March 15, Mazzoni Center leadership made the decision to close both Mazzoni Center (Bainbridge Street facility) and our Washington West Project (HIV testing & STI screenings) for the week of March 16-20, 2020.
We made this decision ahead of the City of Philadelphia recommendations because we felt full closure was the most effective step we could take to protect the health of our staff, volunteers, patients and clients, based on social distancing measures and recommendations.
Yesterday, the City of Philadelphia ordered nonessential businesses and government offices to shutdown through March 27. To keep in line with these revised recommendations, both Mazzoni Center and Washington West Project services will remain closed through Friday, March 27.
This action has been shown to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Protecting the health and safety of Mazzoni Center’s employees and volunteers and our clients and patients remains our top priority. 

We will continue to draw on guidance and recommendations from OSHA, CDC, WHO, and the City of Philadelphia’s Health Department in our planning next steps.
We will provide regular updates as we learn more.
March 15, 2020
Based on changing guidelines and other considerations, we have decided to close both Mazzoni Center and Washington West Project for all services for the week of March 16-20, 2020.  
Based on social distancing measures, this is the most effective step we can take at this point in time to protect the health of our staff, volunteers, patients and clients.
Siguiendo lineamientos cambientes  y otras consideraciones, hemos decidido cerrar tanto el Mazzoni Center como Washington West para todos los servicios durante la semana del 16 al 20 de Marzo de 2020. Según las medidas de distanciamiento social, este es el paso más efectivo que podemos tomar en este momento para proteger la salud de nuestros empleados, voluntarios, pacientes y clientes.
“Based on changing guidance from government agencies and social distancing measures and recommendations, the decision to close and suspend all services appears to be the most effective step we can take at this point in time to protect the health of our staff, volunteers, patients and clients,” said Dr. Nancy Brisbon, Mazzoni's chief medical officer. “We are sensitive to the fact that the population we serve are at increased risk for contracting the virus, so we want to be cautious.”



March 13, 2020
Mazzoni Center leadership, drawing on guidance and recommendations from OSHA, CDC, and WHO, as well as recommendations from the City of Philadelphia’s Health Department, has formulated a plan to best protect the health and safety of Mazzoni Center’s employees and volunteers and our clients and patients.  Given that we serve many people who are at higher risk for COVID-19, including those over 60 years old, people living with chronic diseases, we are taking the following steps:

To ensure everyone’s safety, and to reduce the spread of the virus, we ask clients and patients who are experiencing symptoms(Cough, fever, or shortness of breath) not to visit Mazzoni Center or our Washington West Project

If you receive primary care at the Health Center or are a client for a services here at Mazzoni Center, PLEASE CALL US and one of our trained health professionals can help determine what the best course of action should be.
Main(Case Management, Therapy):  215-563-0652
Health Center: 215-563-0658
Legal Services: 215-563-0657

Groups and Meetings

All groups and drop-ins will be suspended starting Monday, March 16 until further notice.  This include:
  • All Community Advisory Boards
  • Sisterly LOVE Meetings
  • Freedom Space drop-in (Tuesday)
  • OUR Space  drop-in (Wednesday)
  • Youth Leadership Board Meetings
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • V Support Group
  • PACTS Meetings
  • LGBTQ SMART Recovery Meetings 
  • New Bois Club Support Group 
  • Art Therapy Group 
  • Evolutions Support Group

Washington West Project (1201 Locust St)

HIV testing /STI Screenings hours at Washington West Project will be reduced to the following hours starting March 23, 2020 and until further notice:
  • Monday through Friday 11AM to 7PM 
  • Saturday 9AM to Noon and 1PM to 5PM

Food Bank

We are working to address continuing food supply and minimizing the length of time clients spend in the lobby.

Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (July 23-25, 2020) 

Because PTWC 2020 is nineteen weeks out, we do not currently have plans to postpone or cancel the conference.

Professional Development

In-person trainings will be suspended and will be completed via Zoom when available.  Workshops held in schools and community agencies will continue, if the site is open.


Home visits and housing inspections will be suspended. 

Legal services

We expect longer-than-usual response times, because area law schools have shifted their students to online-only communications, including clinic shifts, until at least the end of April 2020.

Health Center

We will update and adjust our response plan to ensure that it is in alignment with the most current recommendations and is centered in our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our staff and community.