Non-Theistic Perspectives: Atheists, Humanists, Free Thinkers, and more

Even in a so-called secular world, contemporary U.S. society is filled with religion and God-talk at every turn. This panel of people with varied non-theistic viewpoints will be a breath of fresh air. Discussion will include challenges and opportunities we experience as transgender people in non-theistic communities and networks -- as well as strategies about how we can navigate a world that makes so many assumptions about what we ought to believe.

Intended audience(s)

Anyone interested in resisting theistic religious supremacy, including non-theistic folk, religious folk, and even religious non-theistic folk...

About the presenters

Transfaith and friends

Transfaith is a national non-profit that is led by transgender people. We are a multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender organization working to support transgender spiritual/cultural workers and their leadership in community. We work closely with many allied organizations, secular, spiritual, and religious, transgender-led and otherwise. More at