Continuing Education Review Committees | PTWC

Continuing Education Review Committees | PTWC

The content of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference (PTWC) Continuing Education Tracks are selected by three profession-specific Continuing Education Review Committees (CERCs): one for the Legal Track, one for the Medical Track, and one for the Behavioral Health Track. The CERCs are made up of volunteer professionals from a variety of specializations within the given fields.

During regular monthly meetings, the Logistics Coordinator sources insights and feedback from committee members which informs a wide range of decisions about PTWC. Committee members support recruitment of new members, development of proposal scoring rubrics, outreach to solicit workshop proposals, review and selection of workshops, and on-site volunteer efforts at the conference.

The CERC has established membership bylaws to guide recruitment, meetings, and outreach. In order to increase community agency in content selection, create professional opportunities for trans people, and ensure that our community is empowered to define the future standards of Gender Affirming Care Services, outreach efforts are focused on the recruitment of trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive professionals from each industry.

Becoming a committee member is an excellent way to advocate for the trans community, build your resume, and grow PTWC through trans leadership. Committee members should possess a degree in the legal, medical, or behavioral health field and have experience serving the trans community through their professional work in some capacity. Use this link to apply to become a member of the CERC: 

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